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Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup By Trinity Info & Price List

Powdered Brows $400 (includes 2 sessions)

The Powdered Brow is a personal favorite as well as a client favorite. The Powdered Brow adds the perfect amount of a powdery appearance to the brow area that looks completely natural with or without makeup on. 

3-D Brows $450 (includes 2 sessions)

A combination of the Powdered Brow and the Micro-blading Brow, create this elegant. The Microblading adds in fine lines to the brow that resemble hair in the brow and then we add a nice powdery finish behind them for extra fullness. 

Ombre Brows $400 (includes 2 sessions)

An Ombre Brow consists of a powdered brow that is darker at the ends of the brow and gradually get lighter as come they in towards the nose. 

Microblading – Hair Stroke Brows $500 (includes 2 sessions)

The Hair Stroke Brow (also known as microblading) is the choice for you if you are wanting the most natural-looking brow, whether it is filling in missing areas, needing to add a little thickness or to create a complete full brow. Our eyes are the focal point of our face, which makes it important to have perfectly arched and shaped brows to help frame them. I custom blend a color to match your skin tone, as well as any natural hair in your brow, and then carefully design and gently glide in place each simulated hair, giving you the most natural look in permanent cosmetics! No one will know you have had it done unless you tell them! Consultation required to verify that your skin is in good condition for this type of brow.

Top Eyeliner Only $300 (includes 2 sessions)

This service can be a very thin line that enhances the appearance of the top eyelashes and makes them appear fuller. It could also be a more moderate amount to bring out the eyes. 

Bottom Eyeliner Only $200 (includes 2 sessions)

This service can be a very thin line that enhances the appearance of the top eyelashes and makes them appear fuller. It could also be a more moderate amount to bring out the eyes

Eyeliner Top & Bottom $450 (includes 2 sessions)

The top and bottom eyeliner combined range from an all-over lash enhancement to a moderate amount of liner. The lash enhancement liner is a line that goes deep within the lash line to make that lashes look fuller on a daily basis without the help of mascara. Should you choose to add mascara it enhances the effect even more. A more so moderate amount of eyeliner is also an option which can bring out the eyes and the best part is, it is waterproof! 

Yearly Touch-Up $150 (includes 1 session)

A yearly touch up is only considered a touch up on Permanent Cosmetics previously done by Trinity. Touch-ups help refresh and restore loss of color over time. That can be advanced by excess sun exposure, certain medications or creams and so on. *This does not cover any work done by another Permanent Makeup artist. Going over any work from another Technician would be considered a new service.

Corrective Work (consultation required)

Corrective work is, more often than not, required if you have had previous work done from a different permanent cosmetic technician. Corrective work can include but is not limited to, shape correction, color correction, pigment removal, and scar camouflage. Every case of permanent makeup correction is different and requires personalized treatment plans. Correction is not a quick process, it can take several months to finally achieve the results desired. To decide to proceed with corrective work you must have patience and understand that it will take time and money to fix your permanent makeup the right way. I CANNOT give a quote over the phone on how much it would cost, I require an in-salon consultation before taking on any corrective work so we can come up with an estimated treatment plan that is right for you. My consultations are free so please, don’t hesitate to call to schedule an appointment

Permanent Wrinkle Reduction (Collagen Induction Therapy) (consultation required)

The permanent wrinkle reduction, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, consists of the Specialist stimulating the body’s own natural collagen to fill in any fine lines or wrinkles. So here’s how it works, what we’ll do is we will make micro-injuries in the skin. These micro-injuries are so microscopic that they don’t cause scar tissue, but it does stimulate the area to produce is own natural collagen. This leaves a long-lasting effect up to 7 years, being that the collagen was produced from the body naturally. With Botox, they inject artificial collagen into the problem areas, the body sees this as foreign matter so it attacks it and breaks it down. The body can only break it down and dissolve certain parts of it, which leaves a bunch of excess matter inside your skin. Then you have to go about 3 months or so later to get more. 

Nipple and Areola Restoration (consultation required)

Areola tattooing provides the finishing touch after breast surgery or mastectomies. Areola re-pigmenting techniques can “create” an areola, restore a more natural-looking color and shape, and minimize scars after breast reconstruction or any other type of breast surgery.  With areola repigmentation, you can regain your confidence and the feeling of femininity. 


3-dimensional tattooing creates the appearance of an areola and nipple protrusion with or without the nipple button. 


Scar appearance can be softened, blended, or reduced by using corrective pigment camouflage techniques.


Some women may have irregular size or fading of the areolas.  The color of an areola can be darkened, blended,  or enhanced with tattooing.  

Scar Camouflage / Scar Revision (consultation required)

The scar camouflage service is when your specialist uses several skin-colored pigments and over the course of a few sessions can camouflage surgical scars, burn scars, or accident scars. Scar revision is the process of relaxing bunched up skin tissues on scars to give a smoother surface

Scalp Camouflage/ Hair Loss Camouflage (consultation required)

Using a process similar to micro-blading, your specialist is able to camouflage areas on the scalp or other areas of the body that may be missing hair due to surgical scars or alopecia. 

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